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Medical Qigong Education Centre

Eight Extraordinary Channels - Qi Jin Ba Mai - A Handbook For Clinical Practice And Nei Dan Inner Meditation by Dr. David Twicken DOM, L.Ac.


Singing Dragon, London and Philadelphia, 2013

ISBN:  978 1 84819 148 8

eISBN: 978 0 85701 137 4


David Twicken is a licensed practitioner and professor of Chinese Medicine. He has studied, practised and taught Chinese medicine and Taoist healing arts for thirty years. He has published eight books,





including I Ching Acupuncture - The Balance Method, Clinical Applications of the Ba Gua and I Ching, Chinese Medical Astrology Book, and Feng Shui - Flying Stars and Classic Water Placement Methods.


This books is a very useful reference for acupuncture students and practitioners and also for qigong and nei dan practitioners and I would recommend it to both. As an acupuncture student, my degree course covered the eight extraordinary channels but not in anything like the depth to which David Twicken goes. He covers each channel in great detail and then goes into treatment protocols using the eight extraordinary channels including needling methods and case studies. This makes the book not just a theoretical reference but a useful guide to expanding your treatment options.


The second smaller section of the book is on nei dan inner meditation and covers about 50 pages.  One part of this that really impressed me is a detailed description of the Nei Jing Tu, the “inner landscape map”.  I have a copy made from the engraved stele dated 1886 in Beijing’s White Cloud Temple. All current copies come from this stele although the stele itself says it was based on an old silk scroll found in a library on Mount Song in Henan. In any case, it is a map of the process of inner alchemy and David explains the significance of everything on the map.


The rest of the second section covers specific nei dan meditations on the inner smile, the heavenly orbit meditation on the Du and Ren channels, meditations on the rest of the eight channels and finally the macrocosmic orbit which integrated all the eight channels in one meditation. It’s the most thorough presentation I’ve come across for extraordinary channel meditations.


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