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Medical Qigong Education Centre

GuiGen Qigong is a complete medical qigong system developed by Dr. Xu Hong tao, the head of the Qigong and Tuina department of Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing, China.  The term GuiGen means “return to the root or source”.  It is a Daoist term referring to the Source of all things.


GuiGen Qigong comprises two parts:




In Xiyuan Hospital, in the Qigong and Tuina Department, every afternoon from 3pm until 5pm the patients who wish to practise the Guigen Qigong.  The dynamic movements are practised for half an hour followed by an hour and a half of meditation.  


The dynamic movements are comprised of six sections.  There is a global section which is designed to regulate the whole system.  It balances yin and yang.  There is a tendency in many people for excessive Qi to rise upwards in the body and cause problems such as migraine for example.  This section brings the Qi downwards, soothes the energy of the body and balances unevenly distributed Qi.  It helps to discharge any excess Qi.


Each of the next five sections addresses one of the five Elements.  See the section of the website on the five elements here.  This division into sections of the five elements makes GuiGen Qigong very useful as a medical qigong because we can focus our practice on the organs of the body which need attention.


GuiGen Qigong is quite easy to practise.  It isn’t strenuous at all.


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GuiGen Qigong

Return to the Source Qigong

Dr. Xu Hongtao, the creator of Guigen Qigong