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Learning Wild Goose Qigong

Where to Start?


Wild Goose Qigong is a complete qigong system.  Where do you start? It’s useful to do some basic qigong exercises before beginning Wild Goose Qigong.  One possibility is the Twelve Qigong Treasures which my teacher, Dr. Bingkun Hu, always uses at the start of a practice session before we begin any Wild Goose Qigong.  This set is particularly designed as a preparation for Wild Goose Qigong. However, the Twelve Treasures are an excellent qigong practice in themselves.  See the Twelve Qigong Treasures For Beginners  for more information on these.


Basic Training


Most students will begin by learning Wild Goose Qigong Basic Training - First 64 Movements.  This is commonly known also as Wild Goose Qigong 1.

But don’t think you have to learn all 64 movements to get any benefit.

The present lineage holder Master Chen, Chuan-Gang told me that the first seven movements of this form could be practised on their own with great benefit.


The form is also divided by my own teacher, Dr. Bingkun Hu, into three sections which could be practised independently

Section 1: The Goose Wakes Up (movements 1 - 34)

Section 2: The Flying Goose (movements  35 - 52)

Section 3: The Goose Is Looking For Its Nest (movements 53 - 64)


Tripod and Spiral Qigong


Another approach is to begin learning Wild Goose Qigong with the Tripod and Spiral Qigong (also known as Wild Goose Qigong 4). Like the Wild Goose Basic Training, this form also gives a comprehensive training for the body.


Microcosmic Orbit


The above two forms are an excellent place to start learning Wild Goose Qigong and both will help to open the microcosmic orbit which is very beneficial for health.  Whichever form you begin with, it is traditional to practise it every day for at least six months.


Patting Along the Meridians


Patting Along The Meridians (Wild Goose Qigong 6) is a very short and simple form which can be learned early on. It is a very useful form to learn for health and to prevent any qi deviations occurring as a result of practice. For this reason, it is a good practice with which to end a practice session. It involves patting along all the acupuncture meridians which helps to remove any obstructions to the energy flow.


Other Wild Goose Forms


Some of the other forms are designed to develop specific abilities.  For example, the Kunlun Bagua Qigong (Wild Goose 3) is designed to develop mind and body coordination, to balance the yin and yang aspects of the body and to develop core stability. Soft Palms Qigong (Wild Goose 5 Qigong) is designed to develop agility, coordination and relaxation.


Basic Training, Second 64 Movements


Wild Goose Basic Training (Second 64 Movements) is a continuation of the First 64 Movements. However, it is an intermediate form and takes more time to learn than the First 64 and so often other forms like Tripod and Spiral will be learned before it.




The most important factors when learning Wild Goose Qigong are:


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