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Medical Qigong Education Centre
My teacher in Wild Goose Qigong, a disciple of the  late grandmaster Yang, Mei-Jun.

You can buy Dr. Bingkun Hu’s Wild Goose DVDs at this site.

Michael is a Daoist Priest in the Longmen Dragon Gate tradition and a teacher of qigong. He is director of the Daoist Medical  Qigong Center in California.
Guigen Qigong is a modern medical qigong created by Dr. Xu Hongtao based on decades of clinical practice, teaching and research.

Details of Dr. Bingkun Hu’s authorised teachers in the UK                            
This is the ashram where I trained in yoga.  It offers a six month yoga teacher training course every year from October to March, as well as other shorter courses.

Other Qigong or Taiji teachers:


Zhong Dao School of Taijiquan      





Sue Dunham            



Sue Johnson, John Chang           



Paul Houghton  

Founded by John Higginson, based in North West England teaching Cheng style taiji and also qigong (including Wild Goose, taiji shibashi and other forms).


Wild Goose Qigong classes with trained acupuncturist in Leeds.


British Chen Style Tai Chi College offering Chen style taiji, Yang style taiji and Wild Goose qigong.


Yang and Chen style taiji, yoga, qigong and holistic therapies. Qigong including Wild Goose. Liangong. Based in Warrington.


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