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Medical Qigong Education Centre

Medical Qigong Books


The qigong books here are more specifically concerned with the clinic setting: prescribing specific qigong exercises for specific ailments or directly treating with emitted qi. A more detailed knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine is useful in this context.

Medical Qigong Exercise Prescriptions - A Self-Healing Guide for Patients and Practitioners by Suzanne Friedman, L.Ac., DMQ (China)


Xlibris Corporation, 2006

ISBN: 1425707157


This is a thin book, only, 70 pages, but an excellent introduction to prescribing exercises based on diagnosis. It is written by a doctor of medical qigong therapy. She is a graduate of Jerry Alan Johnson’s medical qigong training and her work is a useful introduction to his body of work which may be a little overwhelming for  many people.


This book does not cover emitted qi treatments.



Qigong For Treating Common Ailments - The Essential Guide to Self-Healing by Xu Xiangcai


YMAA Publication Center, Boston, 2000

ISBN: 1886969701


This book covers both prescribed exercises and emitted qi treatment. It is a traditional Chinese Medicine work, part of 21 volumes. It is a collaborative work of professors and associate professors of Traditional Chinese Medicine overseen by Xu Xiangcai.






Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide by Jerry Alan Johnson


International Institute of Medical Qigong, 2000

ISBN-10: 1885246080

ISBN-13: 978-1885246080


This is the original publication which was 1086 pages in hard back. It covers all aspects of medical qigong exercise prescriptions and emitted qi treatment in the clinic. This is a very comprehensive work which goes into Traditional Chinese Medicine in great detail. This would be quite hard going for anyone who is not already familiar with TCM and qigong. It is an academic and is the course book for several medical qigong training courses.


You may be able to pick this edition up but it has now been republished as a five volume work of which the fifth volume is a new addition on the treatment of cancer. I have the original edition - so I haven’t yet read this latest addition.


These aren’t readily available in UK - so go to my USA store if you’re interested - to the medical qigong section.