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Medical Qigong Education Centre

Meet Your Body by Noah Karrasch


Singing Dragon, London and Philadelphia, 2009

ISBN:  978 1 84819 016 0


Noah Karrasch is a certified Rolfer who has developed his own style of bodywork called CORE bodyword. CORE stands for “Coax Order, Restore Ease”.


Our bodies hold onto old traumas, fears and stresses in the connective tissue. This kind of bodyword encourages the connective tissue to release all these old traumas.






This work has led Noah to an understanding of the body which he shares with us in this book. He sees the body as a series of hinges (joints) which need to be kept “oiled” and stretched to maintain health.


The chapters go through all these hinges in the body from the “big toe hinge” through the ankle hinge, the knee hinge, the hip hinge, the sacred hinge (sacrum), the stomach hinge (dealing with the psoas and spinal hinges of the lower back), the heart hinge (dealing with the upper back vertebrae), the arm hinge (first thoracic vertebra) and all the way up to the head hinge (neck vertebrae).


This book gives an interesting understanding of the structure of the human body for a qigong practitioner. He takes the holistic view that we need to work with all our hinges, not just the ones that are giving us a problem.


There are quite a few parallels with qigong in this work:


Noah provides a whole series of opening, stretching and strengthening exercises which would be a welcome addition to any qigong or taiji program.


I think that bodyworkers such as Rolfers and cranio-sacral therapists have a lot of insights to offer the qigong world.