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Medical Qigong Education Centre
I have been studying Wild Goose Qigong with Dr. Hu since 2005.

Dr. Bingkun Hu is a medical Qigong master & Qigong therapist. He has been practising qigong for more than 50 years with great masters from all the major schools of Chinese Qigong. He is a disciple of the late Grandmaster Yang, Mei-Jun, the 27th lineage holder of the Wild goose (Dayan) system -- Dr. Hu is one of the few living masters to have learned the entire system. With his background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Ph.D. in Western Psychology, Dr. Hu has been instrumental in bringing the essence of both Taoist & Buddhist Qigong to the public in a systematic and approachable way.

Dr. Bingkun Hu with the 27th generation lineage holder of Wild Goose Qigong, Yang Meijun
Yang Meijun, 27th lineage holder of Wild Goose Qigong
Dr. Bingkun Hu with Yang, Meijun
Yang, Mei-Jun
Dr. Bingkun Hu, Medical Qigong Master and myself
Dr. Bingkun Hu and myself
Dr. Xu Hongtau, head of Qigong and Tuina Department, Xiyuan hospital, and myself

Dr. Xu Hongtau


I studied the GuiGen Qigong system over two intensive weeks in Beijing with him in April 2007.  Dr. Xu is the head of the Qigong and Tuina department at Xiyuan hospital in Beijing.  This system was developed by him and is particularly appropriate as a medical qigong to address particular problems or as a general qigong for maintaining health.  I went to China as part of a qigong tour with Simon Blow, an Australian qigong teacher and first learned the basics of the Guigen system from him over two weeks prior to studying with Dr. Xu.

Dr. Xu and myself

at the Great Wall of China

My Medical Qigong Teachers

Dr. Bingkun Hu, Medical Qigong Master

In 2001, Dr. Hu was acknowledged as one of the “Outstanding People of the 21st Century” in honour of his contribution to Medical Qigong by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England. In 2005, the Centre honoured him again with the certificate of “Top 100 Educators-2005” as testament to the efforts made by him in the arena of Medical Qigong Tuition. Dr. Hu’s publications include 11 Qigong video tapes, 9 of which are devoted to Wild Goose Dayan Qigong. He has taught over 60 traditional Chinese Qigongs to thousands of people through his workshops. Dr. Hu teaches internationally and works with individual patients and students at his office in Berkeley, California.


Grandmaster Yang, Mei-Jun was one of the true giants of modern qigong and energy medicine and an inheritor of the Kunlun School Daoist tradition, which dates back to the Jin dynasty (265-420AD).  She performed healing miracles well into her 90’s, passed on a complete system of glorious movement, meditation and healing, and was widely honoured .  She died in 2002 at the age of 106.

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