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Taiji Qigong Shibashi (18 Movements of Taiji Qigong) is a modern form developed by  Master He Weiqi and Master Lin Hou-Sheng in the early 1980s.  Master Lin Hou-Sheng is a Qigong Master, scientist and Master Healer and author of more than ten books. He is Professor of the College of Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, Director of Qigong Research Institute in China and Honorary President of the International Society of Natural Cures.  Master He Weiqi is a national champion of martial arts. She now lives and teaches around Long Island, New York.


There are actually several sets of taiji qigong shibashi - I’ve seen at least 7 mentioned on the internet.  The most well known is the first set of 18. There is also a warm-up set which can be used prior to the main sets.


The first set of taiji qigong is ideal for beginners to learn.  It is based upon taiji principles but is easy to learn. It comprises 18 movements which can be practised individually. You don’t need to finish the whole set but it is best to finish with the 18th movement.


Taiji qigong is a type of qigong based upon taiji principles.  It coordinates   movement, breathing and inner focus.  It can give you more energy and improve your health.  


The video below is not of very high quality but it is one of the founders Master Lin performing the first set himself.


It’s very inspiring to see one of the founders performing but to fully understand the practise you need detailed explanations and the best I’ve seen is in the book “The Theory and Practice of Taiji Qigong” by Chris Jarmey.

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Taiji Qigong Shibashi

18 Movements of Taiji Qigong