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Medical Qigong Education Centre

Twelve Qigong Treasures For Beginners

This is a collection of simple but profound medical qigong practices put together by medical qigong master Dr. Bingkun Hu. It is based upon the same principles as Wild Goose Qigong and is, therefore, an excellent preparation for it. It focuses on circular movements, shifting body weight and abdominal  breathing.


The twelve practices are as follows:

  1. Row the Boat
  2. Knead the Dough
  3. Dog Paddling
  4. Play the Qi Ball
  5. The Big Guy
  6. Embrace the World
  7. Birthday Candles
  8. Heaven and Earth
  9. Rejuvenation
  10. Fireworks
  11. Walking in Place
  12. Primordial Qigong


The first eleven practices are simple movements which are repeated as many times as you like and are done on one spot. These are an ideal starting point. You can just pick a few and practice - you don’t need to do them in any particular order.


Primordial Qigong is a complete practice in itself and is reputed to come originally from the legendary founder of taiji quan, Zhan San Feng and to have been passed down for 800 years by Daoist Masters at Wudang Mountain. It was brought into the public arena by Master Zhu Hui  who received it from Taoist Master Li Tong when Master Li Tong was a 106 years old. From Master Zhu Hui it came to Dr. Bingkun Hu, my teacher.


Master Zhu Hui says that this practice cured him of liver cancer. He had a clinic in China and used Primordial Qigong to treat many chronic illnesses.


Primordial Qigong needs a space of about three feet by three feet.

(See links for web site where you can buy a DVD for the Twelve Treasures.)



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