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Medical Qigong Education Centre

Warrior Guards the Mountain by Alex Kozma

Singing Dragon, London and Philadelphia, 2013

ISBN:  978 1 84819 124 2

eISBN: 978 0 85701 101 5


Alex Kozma began Chinese martial arts at age 13 and has continued to devote his life to the Eastern arts including the martial aspect, meditation and healing.

This is a fascinating and enjoyable book for anyone who is interested in the internal martial arts. Whether you are a practising martial artist or just fascinated by the martial arts, the real-life stories in this book will provide an entertaining and informative read.


The martial arts of China, Japan, India and South East Asia are all covered including Bagua, Taiji, Xingyi, Ziranmen, Shaolin Phoenix-Eye Fist, Chow Gar Southern Mantis, Kuntao Mantis, Silat, Kalari and Muay Thai. The chapters of the book are based upon living masters and their stories give insights into their training methods along with wonderful tales of healings. Some background to the various lineages is given through stories of historical masters.


The total dedication needed to master these internal arts comes across in a very convincing way. I had not heard about Ziranmen before reading this book. It has a very interesting history and the art is brought to life in the story of current master Dr. Sergei Augier.


Each major art is covered in some depth as are the stories of the living masters chosen by Alex.  Several of the masters are or have been important teachers for Alex.


Personally, I found all the stories quite inspirational. Reading them will surely fire up your own motivation to train and learn more or to start training if you are not already involved.  Alex has a style of writing which brings these masters to life and you wish that you could meet them yourself.


I have no hesitation in recommending this book.