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Qigong can also be found written as “Chi kung” or Chi gung”.  These are just different ways of transliterating the Chinese word.  Qi is the Chinese for life energy or vital energy.  The idea of qi is a fundamental concept in Chinese Medicine.  Qi is the vital force that activates every function and drives every process in the human body.  It can be compared to the electric current without which a computer would not function. Qi is the energy which is influenced by the needles of the acupuncturists.


Gong means work or benefits acquired through perseverance and practice.  So, qigong means working with life energy or life energy management.  Qigong is the skilful practice of  gathering, circulating and applying the life energy.  It has a very long history but the term qigong is quite recent.  The term was originated by  Lui Guizhen in 1948 when he had been commissioned by the communist party to study the effects of breathing on health.  Before this terms used at various times were tu gu na xin (expelling the old energy, drawing in the new), xing qi (moving the qi), yang sheng (nourishing the forces of life), nei gong (inner achievement) and most commonly of all dao yin (leading and guiding the energy).



Different Schools of Qigong


Medical Qigong or Healing Qigong


The focus of medical qigong is


Medical qigong includes forms of self-practice and also external qi healing where a qigong practitioner directly transmits qi to a patient usually without making physical contact.  


Martial and Sports Qigong


The focus of martial qigong is to


Spiritual Qigong


The focus of spiritual qigong is enlightenment and spiritual development. This aspect of qigong evolved from Daoism and Buddhism. It is designed to develop awareness, tranquillity and harmony with the world and people.


There is actually a lot of overlap between the schools.  Our emphasis is on the Medical and Spiritual Qigong.  

What Is Qigong?

(Also known as Chigung, Chikung, Chi gung, Chi kung)