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Yang Meijun, the late 27th lineage holder, taught 11 forms which are listed below.  Forms 1 and 2 were published in her book “Wild Goose Qigong”, China Science and Technology Press, 1991 (ISBN 7-5046-0127-6).  The remaining forms were described in her second book (ISBN 7-5067-0620-2) which has only been published in Mandarin.  Both books have line drawings of the forms.  See some excerpts of Dr. Bingkun Hu performing the Wild Goose Forms here.


Wild Goose Qigong Basic Training 1 (The First 64 Movements)


Wild Goose Qigong Basic Training 1 is well known for its lovely and graceful movements, which are suggestive of the image of an innocent and carefree wild goose. As a "movement-oriented" Qigong, Wild Goose movements and postures naturally open up our twelve regular meridians. Practicing Wild Goose Qigong can:

   * Improve blood circulation

   * Develop breathing and movement coordination

   * Increase body and mind flexibility

   * Cultivate awareness of Qi in and around our bodies.


Wild Goose Qigong Basic Training 1 is a comprehensive qigong training as is Wild Goose Basic Training 2.  Some of the other forms have a specific focus.


An excerpt from Dr. Bingkun Hu’s DVD on this from is shown below.

Wild Goose  Qigong 2


Wild Goose 2 Qigong, through its lovely and expressive movements, develops both our upper and lower dan-tian ("third eye"). It trains our ability to not only take in fresh energy but also get rid of sickly Qi, thus enabling us to detoxify and strengthen ourselves at the same time. Throughout its long history, Wild Goose 2 Qigong has been proven effective for:

  * Self-healing

  * Rejuvenation

  * Improving one's cognitive functions

  * Developing one's mental potential


Wild Goose Qigong 3 - Kunlun Bagua Qigong


Through the simple turning over of the palms, and the natural left and right turn of the body, this delightful qigong trains our upper and lower body coordination and how to shift body weight in an effortless way. Contrary to Bagua steps for self-defence, walking the circle steps in Kunlun Bagua is meditative and self-fulfilling. Together with the coiling of the wrists, it balances the yin and yang aspects of our bodies and promotes self-healing. It opens up the Conception and Governing vessels, and nourishes our internal organs.


Wild Goose Qigong 4 - Tripod and Spiral Qigong


Wild Goose Tripod & Spiral Qigong is one of those rare jewels which can be enjoyed by both qigong beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Often taught before learning Wild Goose Qigong 2, Tripod & Spiral Qigong is unique in providing a variety of training within one set of qigong movements: ranging from postures, relaxation, stretching, the free flow of Qi, and finally achieving the microcosmic orbit. Practising this qigong will have multiple health benefits, which include:

  * Boosting one's immune system

  * Improving one's cognitive functions

  * Building up one's inner strength

  * Alleviating common aches and pains.


An excerpt of Dr. Bingkun Hu performing Tripod and Spiral Qigong is shown below.

Wild Goose Qigong 5 - Soft Palms Qigong


Wild Goose Soft Palms Qigong is well known for its lively and ever-flowing lines of movement. One trains coordination, relaxation and agility in a most enjoyable way. Keeping palms relaxed and soft while moving both ones arms and legs creates a "centreing-expanding" rhythm. Before long, a feeling of warmth radiates over the body, including fingers and toes (helping remedy cold and numbness of extremities in many individuals). Wild Goose 5 induces Qi to circulate in the 12 regular meridians and also opens the heart chakra so that you feel happy and elated. Practicing Soft Palms Qigong:

  * Tonifies and strengthens your heart

  * Helps prevent and heal heart disease

  * Relieves anxiety and other negative emotions.


Wild Goose Qigong 6 - Pattting Along The Meridians Qigong


Wild Goose Qigong 6 is also widely known as Patting Along the Meridians Qigong. One pats the 12 meridians in a specific order and direction, combined with walking in the Kunlun Bagua circle. In this way practitioners are able to open their Crown and Bubbling Spring (K-1 acupoint on bottom of the feet) acupoints.  They are able to relax, detoxify and nourish their internal organs. This lovely practice integrates moving qigong with meditation. Its simple movements and meditative tempo make it enjoyable for everyone to practice regardless of age or physical strength. This qigong is also well known for its curative power in preventing qigong deviations.


Wild Goose Qigong 7 - Back Stretching Qigong


Wild Goose Qigong 7 stretches the spine and opens the Governing Vessel. It uses the deceptively simple Chinese figure eight movement to relax the entire waist and hips (GB-30 acupoint). Together with the Bagua steps and the whole body dipping-down movements, this qigong opens up the Crown and Bubbling Spring acupoints.  At the same time, it effectively trains body coordination, relaxation, and sensory-motor awareness. Wild Goose 7 is well known for its many health benefits:

  * Alleviating lower back pain and shoulder pain

  * Relieving stiff neck and knee problems

  * Training body coordination and awareness

  * Increasing flexibility

  * Learning to feel Qi moving in the hips and waist

  * Helping Yoga practice


Wild Goose Qigong 8 - Five Elements and Bagua


Wild Goose 8 Qigong is a showcase of how martial arts movements are incorporated into soft qigong movements to enhance qigong effects. Learn the secret of how quick and linear movements can stimulate Qi to permeate to the body surface, and how soft and gentle movements can stimulate Qi to run deep to nourish internal organs. This qigong:

  * Builds physical strength and stamina

  * Brightens and sharpens eyesight and hearing

  * Strengthens the Governing Vessel.


Wild Goose Qigong 9 - Chest Opening Aromatic Qigong


Wild Goose Qigong 9 is an advanced qigong in the Wild Goose system. Practising this qigong allows you to open up all your meridians, to mix your own Qi with the energy of the heavens and Earth (hun yun Qi), and to start making the coveted "inner elixir."  Two specific techniques make this training possible:



This allows the Qi to move easily and smoothly inside and outside the body. Practising the Qigong also has the benefit of immensely increasing sensitivity to Qi, thus improving one’s ability to absorb the fresh energy from outside and get rid of dirty Qi.


Wild Goose 11 - Self Cultivation Qigong


Wild Goose 11 is an advanced qigong in the Wild Goose system. Combining mudras, mantras, and Bagua steps with easy-flowing movements, this qigong is designed to have a calming down effect.  With proper guidance, this qigong can induce the Qi to circulate not only inside our body, but also go beyond our body to be connected with the heaven and earth energy.


It is designed to:



Unravel human potentiality. To cultivate qigong special abilities, such as: to be connected with the energy of the universe; to be able to interpret the information we received from far, far away(tian-yan-kai - “to be able to “see” through one’s third eye), etc.

The Wild Goose Qigong Movement Forms

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