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In the Wild Goose system, there are seven varieties of meditation, the last type consisting of two sets. The first meditation is described in Yang Meijun’s first book (ISBN 7-5351-0025-7) which has partly been translated as “Wild Goose Qigong”, China Science and Technology Press, 1991

(ISBN 7-5046-0127-6). However, the meditation part is omitted in the English. The remaining meditations were described in her second book (ISBN 7-5067-0620-2) which has only been published in Mandarin. I give the names of the meditations as stated in these books. They probably are not the best translations.

Where Dr. Bingkun Hu has given me a translation I give it in italics afterwards.


Wild Goose Meditation 1 - Calmness of the Five Elements (Five Element Meditation)


Wild Goose Meditation is usually only begun after several qigong forms have been learned.  This is both for safety and for effectiveness.  Wild Goose meditation uses awareness, posture, mudra (hand positions), and mantra (specific sounds) to consolidate and refine the qi-flow we have developed through Wild Goose qigong.  However, the most important awareness we’re using comes through the mantras. We are saying the mantra silently to ourselves and listening carefully to it. In most cases, these mantras convey specific meanings.


Wild Goose Meditation 2 -  Soothing Calmness


Wild Goose Meditation 3 - Long-distance visualising alchemy by calmness

                                                 (Making elixir through remote sensing)


Wild Goose Meditation 4 - High class calm Gong secretly imparted (Advanced secret meditation)


Wild Goose Meditation 5 -  Calm Gong for opening acupoints (Opening acupoints (chakras))


Wild Goose Meditation 6 - Buddhistic inhaling by calmness (Two names are given in the book: Buddhist Emitting Qi and Releasing Fragrance Meditation and also Daoist Absorbing Qi and Releasing Fragrance Meditation)


Wild Goose Meditation 7 -  Two sets of detoxifying by calmness (relieving internal heat or fever according to Chinese Medicine) (These are meditations used in qigong healing work to correct qi deviations)                                                 

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