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There are several general principles which are embodied in the Wild Goose Qigong forms:



Shifting of body weight facilitates relaxation and free-flowing movement.  The weighted side is yang or more active and the unweighted side is yin or  more passive and can be more easily relaxed.  The side of the body which is unweighted can stretch  with more ease.



Circular or spiral movements are more relaxing than linear  movements and they also lead us to shifting weight, another of the Wild Goose Principles.  Circular  wrist movements are particularly used in Wild Goose.  Circular movements will involve the whole body if we are relaxed.  In qigong any movement is a whole-body movement.



In many dynamic qigong forms, the movements are synchronised with the breath. Generally speaking, upward arm movements are done with an inhale and downward arm movements with an exhale.  Initially the movements can be done with natural breathing without worrying about coordinating breath and movement.



The centre and periphery are dependant upon each other.  There can be no centre without a periphery.  Whenever we move one arm, always balance it with the movement of the other arm or with the movement of one leg. Never forget the centre-periphery relationship. We need to have two arms moving simultaneously, or one arm and one leg moving together, in order to form a periphery. Otherwise, we won’t feel the centres.



The circular and spiral movements of Wild Goose particularly involve whole body movement.  Of course, we can block the involvement of the whole body if we are not relaxed.



The names of the postures suggest some of the imagery.  In general, we imagine that we are a carefree wild goose making the various movements of its routine: flapping its wings, skimming over a lake, searching for food etc.   

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The Principles of the Wild Goose Qigong System